Should You Grow Hybrid or Heirloom Tomatoes? 

The decision between hybrid and heritage tomatoes depends on your priorities and gardening aspirations.  


Because of its benefits—disease resistance, homogeneity, and high yields, among others—hybrids are popular for commercial cultivation and reliable harvests.   


Heirloom tomatoes, on the other hand, have great flavor, a variety of forms and hues, and the capacity to store seeds for use in subsequent growing seasons.  


People that like conserving genetic history, trying new foods, and having a diverse range of tastes tend to prefer them.   


Consider your growing habitat, flavor preference, and seed saving. If yield consistency is needed or disease pressure is high, hybrids may be superior.   


If you like sampling new flavors and supporting genetic diversity, heirlooms provide several options. Some gardeners mix the two types to take advantage of their flavors and disease resistance.  


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