Simple Dublin Coddle Recipe

Ireland's sausage and potato stew, Dublin Coddle, is slow-simmered for comfort and flavour, suitable for St Patrick's Day or any other day!  

– 1 pound bacon  – 1 pound pork sausages  – 1 large onion  – 1 pound potatoes  – 1 large carrot  – ¾ teaspoon salt – ½ teaspoon pepper  – 1½ cups chicken broth – ½ cup Guinne – 2 tablespoons parsley


Heat the oven to 300°F. Cook the bacon in a large Dutch oven until most of the fat is rendered but it is still raw, approximately halfway.  


After adding the sausage pieces to the Dutch oven, heat them until they are no longer pink and have begun to lightly brown.  


Add the onion slices, potatoes, carrots, Guinness, chicken broth, and salt & pepper after that.   


Combine all ingredients together and heat until boiling. After covering the saucepan, place it into the oven.   


Prepare for two to three hours. Add some chopped parsley as a garnish, and then serve.  


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