Six Bushes To Avoid Pruning In The Fall – How To Keep Your Bushes Blooming! 

Pruning shrubs at the incorrect time might impair growth and blooming. To keep them healthy and blooming, avoid cutting these six plants in the fall  


Lilacs set their flower buds on old wood in summer for the next year, so avoid fall pruning. These buds can be removed during fall pruning, reducing blooming.  


Forsythias blossom on old wood like lilacs, so avoid fall pruning. Fall trimming removes spring flower buds.  Spring pruning after flowering is best.  


Fall pruning is unnecessary because azaleas set their flower buds in late summer to early fall for the next spring. These buds can be pruned in autumn.    


Rhododendrons, like azaleas, develop bloom buds in late summer. Fall pruning might remove these buds and minimize spring flowers. Best Pruning Time: Late spring or early summer after blossoming.  


Hydrangea mopheads and lacecaps bloom on old wood, so avoid fall pruning. Fall pruning removes bloom buds for the following year.  


Why Avoid Fall Pruning: Camellia buds form in late summer to early fall. These buds can be removed with pruning, affecting winter to early spring flowers.  


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