Test your visual prowess by finding three hidden faces in the park in 8 seconds!

Readers are shown a scene at a park in the image shown above. There's a pair having fun at the picnic. A boy playing with two dogs at a distance is also visible.  

The readers have eight seconds to identify the three faces that are hidden in plain sight.  This is a short test to see how well you can observe.  

This is the beginning of your time! Examine the picture closely.  Have the three concealed faces been identified?  

Visually gifted readers can identify the faces faster.Time is running out.The photo must be examined closely to identify the faces.

What number of faces have you seen? Huge congratulations to the keen readers who were able to identify all three faces in the allotted time.    

Check out the solution above if you were unable to figure it out up until now.  

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