The 5 best cardio exercises to do at home  

These five home cardio exercises are good for boosting heart rate, burning calories, and improving cardiovascular fitness. They require little or no equipment.  

Jumping Jacks  

Features: Full-body workout, coordination, heart rate increase. How: Stand with feet together and arms at sides. Jump with arms overhead and legs shoulder-width apart. Restart and repeat.  


Multi-muscle, high-intensity exercise burns calories.  How: Stand up. Squat, placing hands on ground, and kick back into plank. Push-up, leap back to your hands, then jump with your arms raised.  

High Knees  

Improves agility, heart rate, and lower body strength.  Place feet hip-width apart. Run in place with your legs raised to reach your hands at waist height. Keep going rapidly.  


Main benefits: Core involvement, heart rate rise, endurance.  Start in plank with hands under shoulders. Simulate running by quickly bringing one knee to your chest and switching legs.  

Jump Rope  

Improves cardiovascular health, coordination, and calorie burn.  Jump continuously with a jump rope, changing speed and using single jumps, double-unders, and alternating feet.  


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