The Best Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeders and 8  Tips That Work 

Squirrel-proof bird feeders and practical recommendations might help your feathered friends get their fill without disturbance. Here are the best squirrel-proof bird feeders and eight ways to deter them.  


Keep your bird feeder 10 feet from trees, fences, and other squirrel-jumping structures. Put it on a smooth, tall pole or a thin wire between two locations.  


Install dome or cone-shaped squirrel baffles above or below your bird feeder. This makes it hard for squirrels to climb or drop onto the feeder.  

Spicy Seeds  

Add cayenne pepper or other spices to birdseed. The spice tastes bad to squirrels but not birds.  

No-Squirrel Feeders

Buy high-quality squirrel-proof feeders like those above. Look for weight-sensitive devices or squirrel-guarded cages.  

Separate Feeding Stations  

Provide squirrels with food away from bird feeders. Provide nuts or maize away from bird feeders to deter them.  

Clean Up  

Remove seed and debris under the feeder regularly. This deters squirrels and other pests.  

Pole Grease  

Apply non-toxic petroleum jelly or pole grease to the feeder pole. It's slippery and hard for squirrels to climb.  

Safflower Seeds

Birds prefer safflower, but squirrels don't. Switching to safflower seeds can reduce squirrel feeder raids.  


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