Top 10 Bearded Iris Flowers for Your Garden 

This white iris is known for its ruffled petals and delicate scent. It flowers late spring to early summer and often reblooms.  



Its coral-pink blossoms with ruffled edges make it stand out in any landscape. The late spring bloom is appreciated for its vitality and disease resistance.  


Beverly Sills 

Its delicate lavender-blue blossoms and beautiful veining bring elegance to the yard. It blooms mid-to-late spring and is reliable.  


Stairway to Heaven 

This beautiful iris has deep raspberry-pink petals, a white blaze, and golden beards. It's popular for its late spring blossoms and brilliant color.  


Raspberry Blush 

With its beautiful blue-violet petals with gold beards, 'Victoria Falls' is a garden showpiece. Its robust stems and late spring bloom make it popular.  


Victoria Falls 

This iris has enormous, ruffled apricot-yellow petals with lavender-blue highlights. Its pleasant aroma makes it popular in mid- to late spring.  


Edith Wolford 

A distinctive coloration, 'Batik' has creamy white petals with lavender-purple threading and gold beards. Its late spring blooms stand out in any garden.  



This stunning iris has velvety purple-black petals and gold beards. Late spring blooms bring mystique to the garden.  


Before the Storm 

Its lovely pink petals and ruffled borders provide romanticism to the yard. The floriferous mid-to-late spring bloom is valued.  


Dancing in Pink 

Rich plum-purple petals, white blaze, gold beards with this iris. Late spring blooms give drama to the landscape.  


Final Episode 

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