Top 10 Colorful Hummingbird Flowers to Grow 

The full spikes and spherical shape of perennial bee balm attract hummingbirds, butterflies, and other pollinators to the garden.  

Bee Balm

The perennial cardinal flower has 4-foot-tall blossom stalks. The finely formed red blossoms make it a popular garden plant and hummingbird food.  

Cardinal Flower

Easily grown annual zinnias attract hummingbirds and other pollinators with their vibrant bloom colors.  


A major mint family genus, Salvia, has annual and perennial species. Fall sage, Salvia nemarosa or Salvia greggii, is commonly planted in the garden.   


Bleeding hearts, a beautiful perennial with dangling white or pink heart-shaped blossoms, thrive in cooler climes and light shade.   

Bleeding Heart

Just like its name, this deciduous flowering shrub attracts butterflies and hummingbirds. Butterfly bushes blossom thick, elongated clusters from midsummer to October.  

Butterfly Bush

The trumpet vine, also known as the hummingbird vine, may swiftly take over a small area and climb on wooden arbors, fences, and trees.   

Trumpet Creeper

This early-blooming flower attracts spring hummingbirds before other flowers develop and insect food options are scarce.  


Many Aquilegia species are utilized as garden perennials, but their cultivars and hybrids are even more valuable.  


Due to their ease of growth and low cost, petunias are popular annual flowers. They thrive in sunny gardens and in tiny containers, borders, and baskets.  


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