Top 10 Easy-to-Grow Native Plants 

Here is a list of ten native plants that do well in many areas and are easy for gardeners of all levels to grow:  

These drought-tolerant daisy-like blossoms attract bees and butterflies, brightening any garden.  

1. Black-Eyed Susan 

Purple coneflower, a hardy perennial with medicinal benefits and beautiful purple blossoms, attracts pollinators and brightens borders and meadows.  

2. Purple Coneflower

Butterfly weed attracts butterflies and other pollinators. Its brilliant orange blossoms and hot, dry climate make it ideal for xeriscaping.  

3. Butterfly Weed

Eastern red columbine lends playfulness to gloomy forest gardens with its draping red and yellow blossoms that attract hummingbirds.  

4. Eastern Red Columbine

Switchgrass is a native grass valued for its decorative appeal, drought resistance, and wildlife habitat. Prairie gardens, rain gardens, and diverse borders get texture and movement from it.  

5. Switchgrass 

Bee balm, or wild bergamot, attracts bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds with its fragrant foliage and lavender-pink flowers. A low-maintenance perennial that thrives in sun or moderate shade.  

6. Wild Bergamot 

The enormous, pinkish-purple flower heads of this tall, sturdy perennial attract butterflies and other pollinators. Joe Pye weed thrives in meadows, rain gardens, and naturalized places.  

7. Joe Pye Weed

Eastern redbud is a little understory tree with bright pink blossoms in spring before the leaves appear. It beautifies woodland gardens and smaller settings.  

8. Eastern Redbud

A multi-stemmed shrub or small tree, serviceberry produces clusters of white blooms in spring and tasty berries for birds and mammals. It thrives in many soil types and is interesting year-round.  

9. Serviceberry 

Virginia sweetspire is a multipurpose shrub with fragrant white spring flowers and striking red fall leaves. It beautifies borders, forest gardens, and rain gardens in wet or dry circumstances.  

10. Virginia Sweetspire

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