Top 10 Fast-Growing Annual Flowers 

These top 10 fast-growing annual flowers will rapidly fill empty flower beds, produce stunning container displays, or bring whimsy to your environment.  

Zinnias flourish in a variety of colors and are easy to grow. Butterflies and hummingbirds visit your garden throughout their abundant summer blooms.  

1. Zinnia 

Cosmos have exquisite pink, white, and purple daisy-like blossoms. They grow swiftly from germination to 6 feet and provide any landscape a cottage garden look.  

2. Cosmos 

Sunflowers are famous for their bright blooms and fast development. Gardeners and pollinators love their full-sun growth and magnificent height.  

3. Sunflower 

Morning glories have beautiful trumpet-shaped flowers that open in the morning and close in the afternoon. They climb trellises and fences and are multicolored.  

4. Morning Glory 

Marigolds, which resist pests and are bright yellow, orange, and red, are adaptable annuals. Flowers abundantly from spring to frost, making them excellent for borders and pots.  

5. Marigold 

Yellow, orange, and red nasturtiums are spicy and tasty. They grow swiftly from seed, thrive in poor soil, and cascade gracefully from pots or hanging baskets.  

6. Nasturtium 

Larkspur has tall spikes of delicate, spurred blue, purple, pink, and white blooms. They cut well and are used in fresh and dried floral arrangements.  

7. Larkspur 

The drought-tolerant annual California poppies have colorful, cup-shaped orange, yellow, and red flowers. In sunny, dry locations, they self-sow and naturalize well.  

8. California Poppy

Bachelor's buttons, commonly known as cornflowers, are attractive annuals with fringed blue, pink, or white flowers. They grow on poor soil and attract helpful insects.  

9. Bachelor's Button 

A low-growing annual, sweet alyssum with clusters of tiny, fragrant white, pink, or purple blooms. It's perfect for edging borders, filling gaps, or pouring over containers with its delicate elegance and fragrant aroma.  

10. Sweet Alyssum

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