Top 10 Pretty Peach Colored Flowers to Grow

Pink up your garden! Celebrate the 2024 Pantone Color of the Year with peach blossoms in your garden beds. This list includes some of the nicest peach flower plants.  

As a “spiller” in pots, hanging baskets, or garden boundary edges, 10-inch Begonia ‘Fragrant Falls’ casts a warm glow in the shade.  

Fragrant Falls Begonia

This 30-inch container-sized dahlia blooms early and long with rich semi-double peach flowers with yellow stamens. 

Dahlightful Georgia Peach Dahlia

Christmas Beauty gives your winter décor a delicate elegance. Peach bracts and lime buds shine against lofty dark green leaves. (What most people see as poinsettia petals actually bracts.) 

Christmas Beauty Cinnamon Poinsettia

These easy-care plants blossom in full shade with continuous watering, brightening dark nooks and adding vertical flourishes to gardens and pots.  

Peach Blossom Astilbe

Coreopsis may bloom despite heat and drought. This cultivar has starry, yellow-eyed flowers that resemble ripe peaches with caramel sauce.  

Crème Caramel Tickseed

Like its fruit namesake, Firefly Peach Sky ignites summer borders. Warm shades range from melon to cherry as the flowers emerge and fade.

Firefly Peach Sky Yarrow

This unique coneflower is perfect for a party, and it has entertaining frills that last for days in a delicious melon tone.  

SUPREME Cantaloupe Coneflower

The stunning blossoms of ice plants conceal their hardy personalities. These succulents prefer gritted soils and high altitudes. Plant Select Winner Alan's Apricot is another.  

Alan’s Apricot Ice Plant

Place this petite rose's lovely peach blossoms in the middle. It requires little care. The glossy foliage enhances the blossoms at 12–36 inches high and 48 inches broad.  

Oso Easy Peachy Cream Rose

Itoh peony, a cross between tree and traditional peonies, lose their leaves but bloom profusely without planting. Rich double apricot petals contrast with dark pink stamens. 

Garden Candy Oompa Loompa Itoh Peony


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