Top 10 Types of Tulips to Plant in Your Garden 

Tulips We Love: Mary Ann

Central Asian low-growing greigii tulips. Striped, wavy leaves and cup-shaped blooms that open wide in sun and close at night are their main draws. 

La Belle Epoque

Double types of tulips—both early and late—present extra flower power. The blooms grow up to 4 inches across, and many offer interesting scents. 

Midnight Magic

Double early tulips add beauty to spring landscapes but are susceptible to rain and wind. Double late tulips bloom longer and extend the season. 

New Design

Triumph tulips span Darwins and early tulips' bloom seasons. As annuals, triumphs are the largest tulips and bloom in many colors. 

Estella Rijnveld

Parrot tulips, as their name implies, are puckered, fringed, scalloped and feathered—a bit like the plumes of the flamboyant bird. 

Yume no Murasaki

Lily-flowered tulips have crisp petals like Ottoman Empire tulips, adding elegance. Vase-shaped buds seem unusual when closed.


One of the longest-lasting tulips, viridifloras have brilliant green stripes along their petals and bloom for three weeks.

Exotic Emperor

Wild Central Asian tulips became Fosterianas, or emperor tulips. Early-spring favorites that return year after year retain some of their resilience.

Banja Luka

Darwin hybrid tulips are lavish and brassy. A mix between single late tulips and early fosteriana tulips.

Lilac Wonder

All current tulips are descendants of a large range of wild species. Small, hardy plants thrive in rock gardens and well-drained areas.

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