Top 5 Zodiac Signs Who Are Very Innocent and Pure Hearted 

Finding innocent, pure-hearted people in terrible situations is precious. Astrology can illustrate innocentness by studying how celestial bodies effect human conduct and personalities. Discover the five pure-hearted zodiac signs.  

Cancer, the compassionate crab, symbolizes innocence. Their kindness and love motivate them. Their pure hearts make them selfless caregivers. Cancers are interested and receptive to new feelings. Kindness and empathy shine.  

1. Cancer

Since Pisces are sensitive and inventive, two fish swimming oppositely indicate innocence. Their childlike delight makes them perceive beauty others overlook. They help others and put themselves last out of kindness. Pisces' magic and selflessness display innocence.  

2. Pisces

Libra's balanced scales represent innocence through peace and justice. This group is moral and just. This innocent desire to help the world motivates them to mediate and heal relationships.   

3. Libra

Archer represents Sagittarius' purity, enthusiasm, and adventure. They find the world fascinating and full of possibilities. Even in difficult situations, their open hearts and brains help them to see the best in people and situations. S  

4. Sagittarius

Carrier water Aquarius' warmth and inventiveness show innocence. They demand world change. Their innocence shows in their ability to imagine a humanitarian and progressive future outside established rules.   

5. Aquarius

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