Top 6 zodiac signs of the most unfaithful women  

Some zodiac signs are thought to be more prone to unfaithfulness due to their personality qualities. Remember that these are generalizations, not behavior predictions. The top six zodiac signs are regarded to have infidelity-prone traits: 

Geminis are dualistic and enjoy diversity and excitement. Their curiosity and need for stimulation can lead them to seek different relationships or experiences, making them more prone to adultery. 


Sagittarians are daring and free-spirited. They may get restless in long-term relationships and seek new experiences and people to satiate their curiosity. 


Leos enjoy praise. To be loved, they may seek affirmation outside their primary relationship, making them more likely to cheat if their needs are not met. 


Aries are passionate and impetuous, acting on their impulses without deliberation. If they are bored or unfulfilled in their relationship, their adventurous spirit and craving for adventure may cause them to stray. 


Libras seek harmony but struggle with commitment and decision-making. If they're unhappy in their relationship, their desire for balance and fear of confrontation may push them to seek support from another. 


Aquarians value independence and freedom. They can be emotionally disconnected and struggle with typical relationship patterns, thus they may seek relationships outside of their primary partnership to retain their independence. 


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