Top 6 Zodiac Signs That Consistently Make Poor Decisions  

Astrology implies that zodiac sign personality features can affect decision-making. Six zodiac signs are known for making bad decisions: 

Pisces are dreamy and emotive. Their idealistic nature and inability to root themselves in reality can lead to impractical or bad actions, especially when emotions cloud their judgment. 


Although adaptive and interested, Geminis can be indecisive and distracted. The dual nature and ongoing craving for stimulation might lead to rash decisions they may regret. 


Sagittarians are optimistic and risk-taking, often without contemplating the repercussions. Their thirst for new experiences and dislike of regularity might lead to rash or poorly thought-out decisions. 


Libras seek peace but are uncertain. They may procrastinate or make poor selections because they evaluate pros and disadvantages and dread making the wrong choice. 


Aries are brave, confident, and action-oriented, but their impulsivity and lack of thought can lead to mistakes. Their impatience and drive to be first can sometimes lead to poor planning. 


Leos are confident and desire attention, sometimes making decisions based on ego. They may choose prestige or instant gratification over long-term rewards to gain admiration. 


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