How To Make Incredible Seed Starting Soil – With 5 Simple Ingredients!

Use wood ashes from your wood stove or fireplace on your garden in winter and spring to rejuvenate the soil for next year's development.  Ash ashes are rich in nutrients and minerals and lessen soil acidity, benefiting many food plants. 

Wood ashes can be used in your garden in three efficient ways and times. Each method is explained, including how to apply the ashes for optimal effects. 

How To Rejuvenate Your Garden Using Wood Ashe

The first and most typical way is to top dress your garden with ashes in winter or early spring. Top dressing is a thin layer applied to the entire soil surface. 

Using Wood Ashes As A Top Dressing

An quick pH metre is suitable for soil pH testing. Simple, inexpensive quick metres can help all your garden and flowerbed plants. Better yet, 4 in 1 metres can measure soil moisture, temperature, and sunshine. 

How To Know Your Soil’s pH 

Another great use for ashes is planting holes. Some common vegetables benefit greatly from this method. . Calcium-rich tomatoes and peppers prevent blossom end rot!.

Using Wood Ashes In Planting Holes

Finally, ashes as mulch aid various food crops. Plant roots absorb nutrients from ashes on the soil surface. Whenever it rains or you water, nutrients sink in.

Using Wood Ashes As A Mulch


How To Make Incredible Seed Starting Soil – With 5 Simple Ingredients!