What do deadlifts work?  

Deadlifts are a complex workout that work your lower back and legs. These five factors make deadlifts effective:  

Rear Chain Engagement  

Deadlifts focus on the hamstrings, glutes, and lower back. These muscles are essential for lifting and posture.  

Center Stability  

Proper deadlift form requires strong core stabilization. Core muscles like abdominals and obliques support your spine and prevent injuries.  

Grip Strength  

Deadlifts require grip strength because you're lifting large weights from the ground. Deadlifts develop grip strength, which helps with other exercises and daily life.  

Full Body Activation  

To stabilize and sustain the movement, deadlifts activate muscles across the body, not only the lower body and back. Shoulder, arm, and calves muscles help maintain lift form.  

Practical Strength  

Deadlifts resemble pulling up something from the ground. Deadlifts build strength and function, making tasks like lifting groceries, moving furniture, and playing sports safer and easier.  


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