What Seeds Are Best For Early-Season Plantings? 

For early-season plantings, consider seeds that can handle colder temperatures and mature quickly. These seeds are suitable for early planting:  

The cool-season crop lettuce germinates quickly and can be collected as young greens in a few weeks. Choose early-season varieties like 'Buttercrunch' or 'Arctic King.'  

1. Lettuce 

Another spring-thriving cool-season crop is spinach. Harvest baby spinach or let it mature for larger leaves. Look for bolt-resistant types like 'Bloomsdale' or 'Tyee.'  

2. Spinach 

One of the fastest-growing vegetables, radishes can be harvested in three to four weeks. They are great for early-season plantings and can be seeded directly into the garden after soil preparation.  

3. Radishes 

Plant cold-hardy peas in early spring when the soil is workable. Choose early-maturing types like 'Sugar Ann' or 'Dwarf Grey Sugar' for optimal results.  

4. Peas 

Carrots grow well in chilly weather and are ideal for early planting. Early-harvest cultivars like 'Nantes' and 'Little Finger' mature quickly.  

5. Carrots 

The cold-hardy leafy green kale can be sown early and harvested throughout spring. Look for bolt-resistant types like 'Winterbor' or 'Red Russian.'  

6. Kale 

Arugula grows quickly and can be planted early for ongoing harvests. Hot and tender, choose 'Rocket' or 'Sylvetta.'  

7. Arugula 

The cold-hardy leafy green Swiss chard can be sown early and harvested throughout spring and summer. For garden visual flair, use 'Bright Lights' or 'Rainbow' cultivars with colourful stems.  

8. Swiss Chard

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