Why Garden Toads are Valuable in the Backyard

Charming garden creatures include the toad. You're missing out on birds, butterflies, and bugs. Though lumpy and bumpy, they're cute and useful in the backyard. 

Toads are frog-like amphibians. Nearly two dozen North American toad species exist. Unlike water frogs, toads are terrestrial. They hop, stroll, have dry skin, blunt noses, rounded bodies, and short legs. 

Frog or Garden Toad?

Many are tan, brown, or gray to match soil, leaves, and rocks. Bumps on toads. They're not warts, contrary popular perception. Toad paratoid glands poison predators.

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What Do Garden Toads Eat? 

Toads eat meat all the time. Beetles, slugs, crickets, flies, ants, and other invertebrates are their prey. For natural pest control, a healthy toad population is best.

Environmental Indicator

Although garden toads don't eat plants, they benefit from them.  Toads hide from predators in plants. Native plant garden beds attract toads better than bare lawns.

Attract Toads to Your Yard

Create toad habitat. Place your new toad habitat near shaded water. For an entryway, turn a flowerpot upside down and prop one side with rocks. 

3 Ways to Create a Garden Toad Abode


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