Why You Should Plant Eastern Red Cedar Trees in Your Yard 

Eastern Red Cedar trees (Juniperus virginiana) are ideal landscape additions because of their many benefits. Consider these five strong reasons:  

Environment/food for wildlife  

Many species rely on Eastern Red Cedars for food and shelter. Cedar waxwings eat the tree's blue-gray berries in winter when food is scarce.   

Year-round Visual Appeal  

Eastern Red Cedars bloom year-round. They provide winter foliage and visual interest. The pyramidal shape and dense, dark green foliage can frame other plants and garden features in your environment.  

Privacy/Windbreak Screen  

Eastern Red Cedars' dense growth reduces wind speed and protects your home. They create fantastic natural privacy screens. These trees can form a live barrier between your yard and neighbors and roads.  

Low-maintenance and flexible  

Poor and rocky soils support Eastern Red Cedars. Long-term drought tolerance and low upkeep make them ideal for low-maintenance landscaping.  

Environmental Benefits  

The trees improve air quality and soil stability. Carbon dioxide is absorbed and oxygen released, minimizing climate change.  


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