Yoga for Lower Back Stretching  

Yoga is great for lower back stretching and strengthening. These five yoga positions are great for lower back stretching:  

Cat-Cow Pose

Start on hands and knees at a table. Cow pose: inhale and arch back, lifting tailbone and head to ceiling.Exhale and do cat position, tucking your chin to your chest and pulling your tummy to your spine.  

Child's Pose 

Kneel on the floor with big toes touching and knees apart.  Drop your torso between your thighs and sit back on your heels with your arms front. Hold the pose as long as comfortable with your forehead on the mat and breathing deeply.  

Downward-Facing Dog

Get down on hands and knees.Lift hips and back, straighten legs and arms with inverted V.Hands should be shoulder-width, feet hip-width.Put your heels down and rest your head between your arms.Take few breaths in position.  

Sphinx Pose 

Lay face down with legs extended and feet hip-width apart. Put elbows beneath shoulders and forearms on floor. Keep your lower ribs on the mat and press into your forearms to lift your chest.   

Pigeon Pose Recline  

Lay on your back with knees bent and feet flat. Form a figure four with your right ankle over your left knee. Pass your right arm between your legs and clasp your hands behind your left thigh.   


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