You have eagle eyes if you can find a horse in the forest in 7 seconds!

This picture that was posted shows a sight in a large forest. A horse is lurking in plain sight among the trees.

Is it possible for readers to identify the horse in the forest in just seven seconds? Your ability to pay attention will be well-tested by this task.

Observe the picture intently, focusing on all of its details. Those with good observational skills will recognise the horse in the photo right away.

Have you managed to see it? Act quickly, as time is running out. Have you had any luck yet?

Refocus your attention on the image. Maybe this time you'll be able to identify it. There are just a few seconds left.

To what extent did you all recognise the horse? Congratulations to all of the readers who finished the challenge in the allotted time.

You guys are the finest at making observations. Let's now examine the answer on the above of the slide.  

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