You have hunter’s eyes if you can spot a snake in the field in 6 seconds!

Readers are shown an exterior sight in the image provided above. It appears to be a forested area with cactus plants.  

A snake is hiding amid the plants. The readers' task is to locate the snake in six seconds or less. Your ability to see will be put to the test in this exercise.  

Examine the image carefully.Seeing the snake may be easy.Those who are very good at observing things will be the first to identify the snake in the image.  

Have you managed to see it? Act quickly, as time is running out. Before the time runs out, concentrate on the image once more.  

What was the number of people that found the snake? Congratulations to all of the readers who finished the challenge in the allotted time.  

Let's now examine the answer above.  

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