5 Container Garden Ideas to Attract Hummingbirds

5 Container Garden Ideas to Attract Hummingbirds : Impress with these container garden ideas. Your patio will look great with pollinator-friendly plants in your container.


5 Container Garden Ideas to Attract Hummingbirds

Window boxes and hanging baskets are popular ways to add drama and colour to any environment, but container gardening can also be utilitarian! Create a hummingbird smorgasbord with these tried-and-true container garden ideas to boost your small combinations.


How to Choose a Container

Anchoring anything requires the correct container. Plenty of options await. Check the garden centre for rows and rows of them in every size, shape and colour. Start with an inspiring container before looking at plants. Short, stocky containers are ideal for tiny conifers. Pink tones look great in a vibrant turquoise container. A large, tall container is ideal for trailing plants.

If you discover a great pot or planter, spend a bit. You may have it for years. Remember that containers are like shoes—buy them in pairs!

Another consideration: make sure your container has drainage holes to prevent waterlogging and root rot.



1. Design Containers Like a Pro

The “thriller, filler, spiller” method is used to make attractive containers.

Height adds to thrillers’ appeal. Plant to suit pot viewing. Place it in the middle for all-around viewing. Put it in the back if only seen from the front.


Mounded or rounded fillers pack the pot with volume. Place these around or in front of the thriller.

Spillers add texture and depth as they overflow the pot. Trailing plants should be put near the planter edge.



2. Add Drama With Tall Plants

Tall plants are among the simplest ways to use a container to create a statement. Though there are some vibrant annuals available, don’t discount perennials. It is not necessary to throw out your plants every year just because you are growing in a container. Give the perennials adequate winter protection in a weatherproof pot, and you’ll have an early advantage the following year.



3. Include Trailing Plants

Not only are trailing plants essential for hanging baskets, but they also make a stunning addition to other container garden designs. Trailing plants are often featured in their own section at garden centres. Use flowers such as petunias, geraniums, and trailing begonias, or try foliage plants such as licorice and sweet potato vines. It’s generally best to limit your container planting to one kind of trailing plant, though it can be interesting to mix in a few different types from the same family.



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4. Choose Bold Colors

Bright red flowers and a bright red container aren’t always a good match. However, you can take advantage of colour if you put in a little advance work. Start with your preferred pot. To what extent is it colourful? What would look great as accents if you’re a fan of vivid orange, yellow, or blue pots?


Selecting a more muted, neutral pot with perhaps an eye-catching form or lines is an additional choice. Next, employ plants to create a difference. You may switch up the plants from year to year, which is one benefit of this. You might have a red, white, and blue theme one year and a yellow one the following if you had a brown or terra-cotta pot.



5. Don’t Forget About Presentation

That means you have your plants that trail and your height. You’ve selected a visually appealing container. And you’ve made good use of colour. All that’s left to do is ensure that everything functions as a whole.


Where is the home for your container? What have you surrounded it with plants? Is it large enough to occupy the area if it’s in a lonely place? The success of your container will depend on how well it is planned and placed. Make a spectacular impression, and all of your effort will have been appreciated.



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