Hardy Cranesbill Geranium Care and Growing Tips

Hardy Cranesbill Geranium Care and Growing Tips: Cranesbill geranium perennials are very adaptive and simple to grow. Savour the flowers that bloom for a long time in various garden settings.


Hardy Cranesbill Geranium Care and Growing Tips


Are Cranesbill Geraniums Annuals or Perennials?

The annual Pelargonium geraniums that swarm garden centres each spring are not the same as the cranesbill geranium. Since cranesbill geraniums are perennials, all 300 species will reappear every year.


How to Grow Cranesbill Geraniums

Scientific name: Geranium spp.

Common name: True geranium or cranesbill


Hardiness zones: 4 to 10

Light needs: Full sun to partial shade


Soil: Well-draining

Water needs: Drought tolerant once established


Flower colors: White, blue, pink, purple

Attracts: Bees and butterflies


According to Monrovia plant choices manager Georgia Clay, “Cranesbill is really hardy and a good choice for anyone across the United States, from coast to coast and everywhere in between.”

These plants are versatile and low-maintenance. They thrive in full or partial sun and prefer dry conditions, but don’t allow them dry out. Select a partial shade or full sun location for optimal flowering and growth. Georgia advises watering more often if the sun is strong.

Few recurring issues should arise. “Slugs and snails can eat spring shoots, and mildew can occur if they are too wet, but they are stress-free,” she explains. Deer rarely enter these plants.



When Do Cranesbill Geraniums Bloom?

Cranesbill geraniums bloom long, which is beneficial. Georgia has a way to revive slow-blooming plants. “Shear the plants back; they will regrow in weeks. She claims they will blossom and fill out again the same summer. Cut back dying plants in the autumn after the growing season (August–October). This keeps the plant dormant in winter and stores energy for spring.


Can You Grow Cranesbill in Containers?

Georgia says, “It would make a great container plant,” citing its lengthy bloom time, drought tolerance, and ease of care. Remember that these plants need winter dormancy; wrap the pots or keep them in the garage.


Cranesbill Types

Hardy geraniums come in several varieties to suit your setting. Ballerina is 6″ tall and 10″ broad. Others, like Rozanne or Biokovo, will spread 2–3 feet.

Storm Cloud, a new clumping cultivar, grows 1 1/2 feet tall and wide. Semi-double blue flowers contrast with black foliage on Storm Cloud. Georgia says you get a spectacular show even without blossoming.

Pink fans should try Intense. It produces a lot of beautiful pink flowers all season, making it one of my favourites. Autumn foliage is gorgeous, too, she says.


Does Cranesbill Attract Pollinators

Georgia claims that judging by the shape of the blossoms, she believes that cranesbill attracts butterflies and short-tongued insects like native bees like bumblebees and mason bees.

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