10 Benefits of Steaming Face 

Properly remove all your makeup first 

Use a gentle makeup remover to get the job done before you start actually cleansing, especially before bed. 

Don’t use harsh bar soap to clean your face 

Unless they’re specially formulated for the face, bar soaps can alter the pH balance of the skin, which allows for more bacteria and yeast growth. 

Use lukewarm water 

Let’s dispel a myth: Pores aren’t doors. Hot water doesn’t open them, and cold water doesn’t shut them. 

Give micellar water a shot 

Micellar water is water containing micelle molecules that attach to makeup and debris and break it down. 

Skip unnecessary tools 

“Studies show the amount of bacteria that builds up on loofah sponges indicates that these may not be a good idea, unless you are meticulous about constantly cleaning them in bleach,” adds Ilyas .

Remember your neck and jaw 

Your jawline and neck are prone to dirt and debris buildup. And they need love, too. 

Pat dry with a soft towel 

Time to rethink that air-dry. Leaving water dripping on your face doesn’t hydrate it; in fact, when the water evaporates, it could lead to dryness.

Don’t wash your face too often 

“Often people forget they're also likely washing their faces in the shower,” Ilyas says. If you add other washbasin washing routines twice a day, you get three. This may be excessive.” 

If you’re wondering why your cleanser isn’t working as promised (or as praised), check how much you’re using. 

Use the recommended amount 

Finish with a toner 

Although not technically a step in face washing, many often miss the importance of what comes after: rebalancing your skin. 

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