6 Hydrangea Types You Need in Your Garden 

Certainly! Hydrangeas are lovely and versatile garden plants. Six hydrangea varieties add variety and appeal to your garden space:  

Depending on soil pH, bigleaf hydrangeas blossom enormous, stunning blue, pink, or white. Popular variants include 'Nikko Blue', 'Endless Summer', and 'Twist-n-Shout'. They bloom on old wood, so prune soon after.  

1. Bigleaf Hydrangea 

Panicle hydrangeas bloom cone-shaped white or green bunches that become pink or crimson. They bloom on new wood, so prune late winter or early spring. 'Limelight', 'PeeGee', and 'Little Lamb' variants.  

2. Panicle Hydrangea 

Oakleaf hydrangeas bear cone-shaped flowers and large oak-like leaves. They bloom long and have lovely autumn foliage. Some are 'Snow Queen', 'Alice', and 'Ruby Slippers'.  

3. Oakleaf Hydrangea 

Mopheads are spherical, pink or white on smooth hydrangeas. They bloom on new wood, so prune late winter or early spring. Annabelle, Incrediball, and Invincibelle Spirit.  

4. Smooth Hydrangea  

Climbing hydrangeas offer lush foliage and lacecap blooms. Teach them to climb fences, walls, and trellises. Though grown regularly, 'Miranda' has multicoloured foliage.  

5. Climbing Hydrangea 

Mountain hydrangeas are cold-hardier than bigleaf. They have smaller flowers and leaves than bigleaf hydrangeas. Variety names include 'Preziosa', 'Bluebird', and 'Diadem'.  

6. Mountain Hydrangea 

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