7 Fascinating Berry Facts You Need to Know 

This berry information is for birdwatchers. Berry bushes are a great method to attract birds to your yard. Beautiful cedar waxwings, which rarely visit feeders, will eat fruit.   


You undoubtedly knew raspberries are red, but not that they're multicolored. They come in gold, purple, and black. Black raspberries are smaller than store red raspberries and used for cooking.  


Currants and gooseberries were forbidden in the U.S. until 1966. They hosted white pine blister rust, which kills white pines. Some states have limits. Growing these berries may require a permission in those states.  


Put down supermarket blueberries! Growing these luscious fruits in your garden is easier than you think, but you need the right conditions. Blueberries like 4–5 pH soil.   


Bananas are berries, but you probably never knew that. A banana is a berry since it comes from a single-ovary blossom. Modern varieties are seedless.  


Although they share a name, cherries are stone fruits, not berries. Other stone fruits are peaches, plums, and apricots.  


Thorny wild blackberries turn black when ripe. Despite having fewer colors than raspberries, blackberries can be thorned or not.  


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