7 Rare and Valuable Coins Hiding in Plain Sight 

Of course, here are seven examples of rare and expensive coins that might be hidden from view:  

For World War II, the US manufactured pennies in steel to conserve copper. Some 1943 copper coins were mistakenly manufactured. Rare copper pennies can fetch thousands of dollars.  

1. 1943 Copper Penny 

The 2004 Wisconsin state quarter has an extra leaf on one of the cornstalks on the back. This unusual mistake coin commands a high price from collectors.  

2. 2004 Wisconsin State Quarter with Extra Leaf

A tiny number of pennies struck in 1955 had a double die mistake, doubling the obverse design. Collectors treasure these coins, which may be expensive.  

3. 1955 Double Die Penny

In 1983, the Royal Mint inadvertently produced a few 2p coins with "New Pence" instead of "Two Pence." Rare coins can fetch much more than their face value.  

4. 1983 "New Pence" 2p Coin

Canada produced a few quarters with a reduced obverse date in 1970. Uncirculated coins are rare and precious.  

5. 1970 Quarter with Small Date 

A doubled die error on the obverse of the 1969-S Lincoln cent doubles the date and other details. Rare coins are valued by collectors.  

6. 1969-S Lincoln Cent with Doubled Die Obverse

A few UK 20p coins were produced without dates in 2008. Rare mistake coins can be valued much more than their face value.  

7. 2008 undated 20p Coin 

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