7 Types of Meditation for good Health 

Certainly! Meditation improves mental and physical health. Health-promoting meditations include these seven  

The Mindfulness Meditation 

Concentrates on the present, observing thoughts, feelings, and emotions without judgement. It boosts concentration, emotional stability, and stress reduction.  

Transcendental Meditation   

Repetition of a mantra calms the mind and relaxes it. Stress reduction and relaxation are TM's benefits.  

Meditation on Kindness 

Encourages self-love, compassion, and benevolence. Metta meditation boosts positivity, empathy, and social ties.  

Body Scan Meditation  

Concentrates on distinct body areas, usually starting at the toes and progressing up. It promotes relaxation, body awareness, and tension release.  

Guided Visualisation Meditation  

Imagines tranquil scenes, events, or happy results with a narrator or recorded audio. It boosts self-confidence, relaxation, and stress reduction.  

Aware Breath Meditation  

Observes breath, rhythm, and feelings to centre the mind. Pranayama improves breathing, calms, and reduces anxiety.  

Meditation Zen   

Sitting cross-legged and watching the breath or thoughts without connection. Zazen promotes clarity, awareness, and equanimity.  


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