7 Ways Camping Improves Health & Circadian Rhythm 

Light Therapy for Circadian Rhythm

You stressed? Tension might cause unexpected food cravings. Yoga, meditation, and stress management may help you eat thoughtfully. 

Forest Bathing Stress Relief

The Japanese have a national practice called “Forest Bathing” or shinrin-yoku. It’s been a national public health practice for them since the 1980s. 

Improved Sleep

As mentioned above, camping away from artificial light improves the circadian clock. Logically, it also improves sleep. 

Time to Unplug & Family Time

One of my favorite parts of the camping experience is disconnecting from technology and spending time with family members.  

A Breath of Fresh Air

Fresh air is another camping perk. Indoor air is typically dirtier than outdoor air, say experts. They recommend frequently opening windows and ventilating dwellings.  

Exercise in Natural Beauty

One of the best things about camping? The natural boredom. Without TVs, video games, and the many distractions of home, we actually want to explore.  

Mental Health Benefit

Camping reduces stress and improves mental wellness. Tiredness and poor circadian rhythms affect mental health.  

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