Fall Strawberry Care – How To Get Strawberry Plants Ready For Winter! 

Strawberry bushes need winter preparation to survive the cold and provide a robust crop next year. Here are six critical strawberry plant winter preparation steps:  

Strawberry Bed Cleaning  

To prevent pests and illnesses, remove dead or damaged leaves and debris around plants. Get rid of weeds that compete with strawberries for nutrients and water.  

Reduce Foliage  

Trim leaves to an inch above the plant's crown following the first frost. This avoids disease and enhances sleep.  

Plant fertilizer  

A balanced fertilizer like 10-10-10 can help strawberry plants survive winter and grow in spring. Try this late fall before the ground freezes.  

Plant mulch  

When the ground freezes, cover plants with straw or pine needles. Mulch shields plants from extreme temperatures. Cover the Bed: Mulch the entire bed, not just the plants, to prevent root freezing.  

Water Plants  

Keep strawberry plants hydrated by deeply watering before frost. Winter stress affects hydrated plants less.  

Check Pests and Diseases  

Inspect and treat plants for pests and diseases. Remove damaged plants and pieces to prevent winter spread.  


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