Hibiscus Flower Care 101: Outdoors and Indoors 

In that case, here is a fundamental guide to the care of hibiscus flowers, which may be used either indoors or outdoors:  


Hibiscus likes sunlight. Plant them where they get 6 hours of direct sunlight daily.  


Make sure the soil drains effectively and keeps moisture. Mixed potting soil and sand works great.  


Water outdoor hibiscus regularly without waterlogging the soil. Water deeply and let the soil dry between waterings.  


Fertilise your outdoor hibiscus periodically in spring and summer with a balanced or flowering plant fertiliser. Application directions are on the fertiliser packet.  


For bushier growth and more blooms, prune your outdoor hibiscus regularly. Remove dead or diseased branches and cross-rubbing branches.  

Protection against Cold  

Protect your outdoor hibiscus against frost in winter. Consider bringing potted hibiscus indoors or covering outside plants with frost cloth when temps dip.  


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