Where Do Birds Go During a Rain Storm? 

Birds seek cover during rainstorms. Birds employ several methods to remain dry during storms:  

Thick Foliage  

Birds shelter in thick shrubs, evergreen trees, and bushes. These places offer good rain and wind protection.  

Tree Holes and Cavities  

Woodpeckers use tree cavities or holes to remain dry. These natural shelters defend against severe rain.  

Building Overhangs and Eaves  

Birds may cover under building eaves, in barns or in other man-made structures from rain in urban or suburban environments.  

Inside Birdhouses  

Birds may seek shelter in birdhouses during storms.  

Under Large Leaves  

Large leaves can protect birds from rains in broad-leaved environments.  

Tall grass or dense reeds  

In marshes and grasslands, birds may hide in dense reeds or tall grass for wind and rain protection.  


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