How to Grow and Care for a Gloriosa Lily 

Growing and caring for Gloriosa lilies, often known as flame or glory lilies, can give your yard an exotic look. Simple six-step guide:  

Warm, sunny, well-drained soil suits Gloriosa lilies. Choose a sunny to partially shaded place in your garden with protection from strong winds.  

1. Choose the Right Location

Gloriosa lily tubers should be planted in April after the last frost. Dig 4 inches deep holes and space tubers 6–8 inches apart. Put the tubers horizontally with the eyes up. Cover with dirt and water.  

2. Planting

As climbing vines, Gloriosa lilies need support. To help vines ascend, place trellises, pegs, or fences near the planting spot.  

3. Provide Support

Maintain moist but not soggy soil during the growing season. Weather and soil moisture determine how often you water deeply. Avoid overhead irrigation to avoid fungi.  

4. Watering

Balanced, water-soluble fertilizer should be used every 4–6 weeks to gloriosa lilies. The fertilizer packet specifies application rates. Fertilizing boosts growth and flowering.  

5. Fertilizing

Remove spent blooms often to keep the plant blossoming and save energy for seed production. To preserve tubers in winter, cut the leaves to ground level after the first fall frost and mulch. In colder climates, dig and store tubers until spring.  

6. Pruning and Maintenance

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