How To Grow Lettuce Indoors Using A Hydroponic Kit – All Year Long!

For many gardeners, winter means the end of fresh salads from home. Cold frames can lengthen the season, but harvesting in winter is never fun!  

Hydroponic kits grow lettuce in small spaces without soil or pests. Growing lettuce hydroponically takes half the time of soil-grown lettuce. Hydroponics uses 90% less water than standard growth methods.   

Growing Lettuce Indoors Using A Hydroponic Kit

So many brands and features make it easy to select a hydroponic kit that fits your decor and budget. Most kits fit on your countertop. Their size is comparable to a toaster or other small appliance.  

Choosing A Hydroponic Device 

Vitamins A and C, iron, fibre, and folate are abundant in lettuce. Its 95% water content boosts everyday hydration. Anti-inflammatory, anti-diabetic, and cholesterol-lowering properties have been reported.   

Picking The Right Kind Of Lettuce 

Your lettuce seed-growing steps will vary by hydroponic kit brand. Overall, the approach is comparable. Always read your kit's instructions, since they may vary.  

Planting Lettuce Seeds In Hydroponic Kits

The supplied grow lights are a major benefit of hydroponic kits. For lettuce, keep the lights on for 10–14 hours daily. Keep grow lights an inch or two above seedlings and adjust as needed. 

Watching The Lettuce Grow

Leaf lettuce can be harvested after 4–6 weeks. First harvest when plants are 4 inches tall. Take a couple leaves for your first cut. 

Harvesting Fresh Lettuce 


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