How to Grow Roses: What You Need to Know 

Rose gardening is gratifying but requires expertise and effort. Start with this basic guide:  

Choosing Roses

Each rose variety has its unique needs. Choose roses according on climate, soil, and space.  

Selecting a Location

Choose a sunny area in your yard because roses need at least 6 hours of sunlight per day. Waterlogging can cause root rot, so make sure the soil drains.  

Preparing Soil  

Compost or well-rotted manure should be added to soil before planting. This will improve soil structure, drainage, and fertility, helping roses grow.  

Planting Roses  

Early spring or autumn are excellent for rose planting. Dig a hole somewhat larger than the rose's root ball. Place the rose in the hole with the graft union at or slightly above ground level.  


Roses need regular watering, especially in dry weather. To encourage deep root growth, water deeply but not overhead, as moist foliage can cause fungal diseases.  


Use a balanced rose fertiliser regularly. Apply fertiliser at the rates and frequency recommended on the package. Avoid overfertilizing, which might cause foliage growth instead of flowers.  


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