The Best High Fiber Foods (And Why We Need Them) 


Lentils and other beans add fibre to soups, stews, and salads. Steamed soy beans like edamame are a fiber-rich snack. 


The fibre vegetable label fits this veggie. Its cruciferous nature—like cauliflower, cabbage, and kale—makes it rich in nutrients and fibre. 


Watercress is an interior skin antiseptic and promotes mineral circulation.Trusted Source to all body cells, improving skin oxygenation.  


Avocados great with everything—toast, salads, entrees, eggs—and while they're known for their beneficial fats, one cup of avocado has 10 grammes of fibre (think how much is in your guacamole). 


Popcorn (natural, not buttery like at the movies) is a whole grain with one gramme of fibre per cup, satisfying appetites.12 Even called the King of Snack Foods. 


That old saying that “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” isn’t necessarily true, according to research, but the fruit can boost your fiber intake. 

Dried Fruits

Dried fruits like figs, prunes and dates can boost your fiber intake dramatically and are recommended for those struggling with constipation. 


Fiber-rich potatoes include sweet, red, purple, and white. One small potato with skin has around three grammes of fibre. 


Nuts aren’t just a great source of protein and healthy fats—sunflower seeds and almonds each have more than three grams of fiber in a serving.  

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