Why Opt For A Green Burial? 

What exactly is a green burial

Avoiding embalming, concrete vaults, burial containers, and natural habitat are the Green Burial Council's environmental measures.  

Why would I want one

Because death preparation is personal and frequently unpleasant, there are many reasons to choose a burial type. Many choose green burials due to expense, environmental impact, and legacy. 

But isn’t embalming necessary

In general, no. Embalming, which delays decomposition and makes the body “look natural” for public exhibition, is more cosmetic than medical.  

Cremation or burial

What Americans traditionally bury each year: The Green Burial Council reports 20 million feet of wood, 4.3 million gallons of embalming fluids, 1.6 million tonnes of reinforced concrete.

A ‘green’ burial by any other name

Cremation is simple, but a green burial involves how and where. If your town doesn't have green cemeteries, there are other measures to reduce burial's environmental impact. 

A growing movement

When it comes to green burials, funeral professionals say the biggest challenge is a lack of awareness and resources. 

Interested? Start here

The Green Burial Council’s website has information, a list of providers and additional resources for people interested in green burial. 

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