Tips For Growing Paperwhite Flowers Indoors

In search of a gardening project for the winter? Learn how to cultivate paperwhite flowers indoors, and in a few of weeks, you'll be rewarded with stunning blossoms.  

Papyraceus paperwhites are narcissus like daffodils. Their origin is Mediterranean. Due of their temperate climate, 

How to Grow Paperwhite Flower

They don't need pre-chilling before blossoming.  Your results may vary. Flowers may appear 2–8 weeks.

However, there are a few simple ways to prevent paperwhites from becoming very tall and lanky. Attempt any mix of these to produce shorter, more robust paperwhites:  

Paperwhite Flower Care

The perfume is intoxicating when the blossoms open.  Discard bulbs in cooler climates since they won't bloom next year.

Paperwhite Flower Smell

Paperwhite bulb kits are available at garden centers and big box retailers. Walmart, Home Depot, Garrett Wade, and Amazon sell them online.

Where to Buy Paperwhite Bulb


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